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Covid Respond

Community Development Association (CDA) is actively working on Covid - 19 responses in collaboration with DDM (Department of Disaster Management), Township health Offices of MoHS (Ministry of Health and Sport), General Administrative Department (GAD) and local Community based Organizations across in Myanmar. CDA intervened in both first and second wave of Covid -19 pandemic outbreak across in Myanmar with UN, INGOs and other partners. Especially, three states and two regions, such as, Rakhine, Mon and Kayin as states and Yangon and Ayeyarwaddy as Regions. The objectives of CDA intervention in covid-19 are to assist the humanitarian assistances for the most vulnerable group, returning and migrant workers to fulfill the gap of covid-19 related knowledge, capacity building, economic recovery and other needs of community. The providing related activities were such as medical equipment, hand washing stations, awareness raising trainings, mask wearing and hand washing campaigns, assisting meal and food items and promoting the community outreach sessions.


People with disabilities are one of the most marginalized and vulnerable populations in our world today, especially within for Myanmar as development country. They often face stigma, discrimination and a lack of services and support. To be able to work toward a better tomorrow, we must understand the realities of today. As CDA, we encouraged people with disability to participate in community development activities and the decision making process.And also,CDA provides prosthesis, wheelchairs and walking devices for people in need.

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Disaster Respond

CDA works with communities to minimize the impact of disasters and to effectively respond to disasters. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Readiness and Response sectors distributes emergency food and livelihoods support to disaster affected families, prepositions relief supplies in warehouses for immediate emergency response. In order to reduce risks related to disaster, CDA facilitates Disaster Risk Reduction training and support communities in developing Community Based Disaster Management plans (CBDM) and collaborates with government ministries and humanitarian actors during disaster responses. Now, CDA has significantly expanded its humanitarian assistance to fragile contexts and helped the people affected by the armed conflict and communal violence in Rakhine states.



CDA helps children, particularly the most vulnerable, to get access to quality education and attain functional levels of literacy, numeracy and essential life skills. When children can read, they can better advocate for their rights and help provide for their families.

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Health is very important and is well known to everyone. Without good health we won’t be living long and happily. Starting from 2009, CDA focus on the most vulnerable people in very remote areas and in urban slums, where most people cannot afford to pay for adequate health care services. CDA focus to enhance the health activities of neonatal care (HBB), maternal and child, malaria , nutrition and HIV.

Livelihoods and Recovery

In order to address root causes of poverty, it is important for families to have sustainable income. CDA is making sure that every family in the targeted communities is able to manage their household income through awareness, training on improved agricultural methods, animal husbandry, micro/small businesses and marketing practices.CDA also aims to improve food security and close the seasonal hunger gap through the provision of home gardens, alternative non-agriculture income, reducing the debt cycles of families through village savings and loans associations and microfinance services.

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Improving Access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene status of communities are critical to ensuring their well-being. In this quest, CDA has provided training on hygiene awareness trainings to schools and communities while providing water and sanitary facilities. CDA has introduced ceremic water filters to Myanmar with the support of UNICEF. The household regular ceramic filters are improved to submersible globe shape water filters that are using at schools and at Emergencies. CDA is providing water filtering systems to water points having high iron and turbidity.

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