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“CDA aims to support socio-economic development of communities in Myanmar focusing on health, water, sanitation, hygiene, livelihoods, disaster risk reduction and promoting infrastructure in buildingsfor better access for the disabled and communities"


" As we visit the rural communities, we design all projects with the intention of being sustainable. They not only will withstand natural disasters that occur frequently in those areas, we train the members of the community on how to respond in a safe manner. It is our goal that through training it will strengthen each person to work together to help one another and become more inclusive "


The purpose of the Community Development Association (CDA) is to utilize community capacities to implement basic community development innervation through effective involvement of existing support services and technical assistance, and to promote sustainable community capacity building, mobilization, participation and contribution 

Our experience

Our expertise is in WASH, Disaster Risk Reduction, Readiness and Response, Education, Disability, Health, Livelihoods and Resilience and Direct Beneficiary Households

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